An organization dedicated to the
resolution of disputes in an
impartial, expeditious and cost
effective manner, designed to
preserve existing relationships.
The principal behind the RAE Group, Jay N. Lazrus, is an
experienced attorney who has spent over thirty years
representing companies principally in the technology,
communications and real estate industries. He brings his
considerable business and legal knowledge to bear in
deciding business,personal and consumer disputes.

In addition to basic mediation and arbitration training, Mr.
Lazrus has also received advanced training in mediating
complex cases and mediating parenting plans (support,
custody and visitation).  To continue offering quality
mediation services during the Pandemic, Mr. Lazrus took
training to become adept at conducting mediations and
arbitrations using Zoom.

Mr. Lazrus has an active mediation practice in Maryland,
Virginia and the District of Columbia.   His practice includes
divorce mediation, real estate mediation, family and estate
mediation, contract mediation and commercial and
business mediation.   

The cost and time that must be expended to resolve a
dispute often makes litigation financially impractical.  If you
or your company is involved in a dispute with another party
and it would be beneficial to have that dispute resolved
quickly, inexpensively and impartially, then alternative
dispute resolution is the answer.  Its the same answer used
by most of the 1,000 largest United States corporations.

For a free initial consultation to discuss how RAE Group
can assist you to resolve your dispute outside the
courtroom, please contact us by email
( or telephone 301-384-9579.
ADR makes conflict
resolution less
adversarial and more