With the exponential increase in internet trading and the globalization
of commerce, there is an increased need for Alternative Dispute
Resolution mechanisms to deal with dispute when it is impractical or
impossible for the parties to meet in person.  Online arbitration
involves the arbitrator rendering a decision based on the documents
submitted by the parties.  Online arbitration should have the following
significant attributes.  

Impartial decision-maker. The decision-maker should be able to assure
parties that: (1) the decision-maker is neutral and unbiased with
respect to the parties and the dispute and (2) the decision will be
rendered on the evidence presented by the parties.  

Experienced decision-maker.  The decision-maker should have the
requisite knowledge and background to understand the dispute and
craft a reasoned decision.   

Swift and Complete Resolution.  With no court docket or court rules to
slow down the process, the Arbitrator should be able to implement an
expedited schedule, in some cases being able to offer a decision on
all issues presented within days after an Agreement to Arbitrate is

Cost-Efficient.  By eliminating traveling expenses, stream-lining
discovery and minimal loss of productivity, on-line arbitration is
extremely cost-efficient, in terms of both time and money, in
comparison to other processes involving 3rd party decision-makers.  

Uncomplicated.  Online arbitration is straight-forward and streamlined,
two features that busy executives will appreciate.  

Versatility.  The structure of the on-line arbitration process makes it
suitable for almost any type of dispute, including commercial, real
estate, family, estate, commerce and trade.  By removing the
geographic barriers to dispute resolution, on-line arbitration actually
encourages trade and commerce between parties no matter where
they are located.  All that is needed is access to the internet and
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